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Handcrafted Tasmanian Timber Pencil Pot - Silver Wattle

Handcrafted Tasmanian Timber Pencil Pot - Silver Wattle

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Handcrafted in the Derwent Valley from selected native Tasmanian timbers, exclusively for Flywheel.

Using salvaged timbers collected over a period of 30 years, each pot is meticulously turned on a lathe. This, along with the natural oils of the wood, creates a smooth feel and shape.

Silver wattle occurs throughout eucalypt forests and woodlands in New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. It is a striking wood with light brown to subtle pink tones, with a straight grain and porous even texture..

Each pot is handcrafted and can vary slightly in terms of thickness and size. Differences in wood graining add to the uniqueness of each pot.

Limited availability.

Each pot is beautifully packaged in a kraft box with letterpress label by ourselves.

Approximately 8cm diameter x 12cm high.

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