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Van Dieman's Ink

Van Dieman's Ink Fountain Pen Ink - Abyss

Van Dieman's Ink Fountain Pen Ink - Abyss

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Van Dieman's Underwater is the 7th series from Van Dieman’s Ink. Inspired by the Flora, Fauna, regions and mystery of the ocean, this collection contains some of their most unique and experimental inks to date. 

This Ink is based upon the Abyssopelagic zone, the 4th oceanic zone, and is the point were the ocean floor flattens out after the continental drop. It resembles a dark and mysterious level in which all lifeforms take on wonderful alien-like abilities and traits. Absolutely no light reaches this region and a high concentration of a unique Indian dye has been utilised to make this ink the most saturated black yet.


Made in Tasmania

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