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Van Dieman's Ink

Van Dieman's Ink for Flywheel Fountain Pen Ink Set of 3

Van Dieman's Ink for Flywheel Fountain Pen Ink Set of 3

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We're very proud to introduce you to our three exclusive fountain pen inks produced for us by Van Dieman's Ink. Taking inspiration from around our store, we worked with Peter & Belinda from Van Dieman's Ink to create a small range of custom ink colours that reflect us and our store. 

Our trio is made up of - Rust Brick Red, an interesting red with some warm and cool tones, inspired by the bricks that surround us in our store. Printing Press Grey, a warmer grey with a bit of a purple undertone, inspired by our much loved (and used) Chandler & Price platen press. Type Cabinet Green, is a green on the bluer side, inspired by a type cabinet that has been with us from the very start and is a treasured part of our letterpress studio. We hope you love these three inks as much as we do. 

3 x 30ml of Dye Based Ink in a sturdy glass bottle. Suitable for all fountain pens, as well as dip pens and brushwork. Proudly made in Tasmania. 

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