Raleigh Paper Brass Wax Stamp - Bloom
Raleigh Paper

Raleigh Paper Brass Wax Stamp - Bloom

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Made by Raleigh Paper, a leading supplier of beautiful and bespoke wax seals based in Hong Kong, the Brass Wax Stamp range restores the old world charm of written correspondence. Each stamp is machined from a single billet of brass, and stands at just over 2 inches tall, hiding its solid build under the guise of a deceptively petit silhouette. Each seal comes complete with a presentation box and a bronze coloured wax stick.


As with all natural brass, stamps will age over time, leaving an exceedingly characteristic patina. This organic transformation is intentional and is designed to enhance the appearance of the Heirloom's charming character.


Diameter: 22mm
Deep 3D engraving