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Kaweco Liliput Fountain Pen - Fireblue

Kaweco Liliput Fountain Pen - Fireblue

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The Kaweco Liliput is a great traveller€™s fountain pen €“ compact, thin, lightweight and super smooth to write with. The barrel is about 8mm in diameter and has an elegant simplicity.


Every single Fireblue Liliput stainless steel fountain pen is heated up to 1,300 degrees by hand at Kaweco in order to get this extraordinary surface. Through this extreme labour-intensive method every writing instrument is unique. It has a screw cap and a cleverly thought-out thread at the end of the barrel, so you can then post the cap securely when it is time to write. Comes complete with storage tin.


Nib Size: Medium

Length: 9.7cm capped, 12.6cm with cap posted, 8.7cm uncapped

Supplied with 1 x Royal Blue Kaweco ink cartridge

Made in Germany

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