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Written Word Calligraphy

Creative Calligraphy Made Easy

Creative Calligraphy Made Easy

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Karla Lim, founder of the boutique wedding invitation and design company Written Word Calligraphy, shows readers how to master the basics of elegant cursive handwriting and embellish unique cards and gifts. Karla breaks it down into simple steps, teaching readers how to shape and connect letters in three distinct, modern styles. With traceable letters right in the book, readers can get comfortable with the tools and techniques before moving on to create personalized projects with their new skill.

Readers can follow simple and stylish designs for stunning birthday cards, hand-addressed envelopes, thank you cards and more. From table numbers and menus for weddings and events to gifts like a monogrammed leather luggage tag and keychain, there are so many possibilities. Karla also covers the basics of digitizing calligraphy, making it easy to share creations with friends and family, and connect with the exciting lettering and calligraphy community on social media.

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