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Art of Play

Playing Cards - The Sons of Liberty

Playing Cards - The Sons of Liberty

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Commemorating the first group of Patriots, Art of Play presents their acclaimed Sons of Liberty Playing Cards in an all-new colourway. The tuck box is among the most exquisite ever produced, featuring sculptural embossing in both bronze and pewter foil. The cards themselves feature a plethora of masonic imagery, a Liberty Tree ace of spades, and a tax stamp seal. A handful of the Son's most patriotic members are represented on the court cards in 18th-century style etching. Furthermore, the stock itself has undergone a unique crushing procedure, in order to guarantee a thin and snappy deck that handles magnificently.

For the revolutionary, the history buff, or the everlasting patriot, these cards are a necessity in the hands of those who raise the flag and embody the spirit of a better tomorrow.

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