ystudio Desk Fountain Pens

ystudio Desk Fountain Pens


Made by ystudio who design objects for daily use. ystudio believes that the value of simplicity in design is very important. Each piece is made in Taiwan by local factories using scorching heat of one thousand degrees in the furnace, and characterised by the masters’ hands with decades of experience.

The pen writes steady and smooth. The fountain nib is a German Schmidt nib and the pen comes with a Schmidt converter inside. It's a true eye catcher and makes a great gift.

Choose between the “Classic” and the “Brassing” designs.

Classic: the body of the classic desk fountain pen is made of copper with the solid pen holder made of brass.

Brassing: the body of the brassing desk fountain pen and the solid pen holder are both made of brass. They have a matt black lacquer and the body of the pen has exquisite gold lines. 

They come with exquisite wood box package and a converter (international standard cartridge type). International standard ink cartridges can also be used.

Dimensions:9.7mm X 11mm X 142mm.

Nib Type:
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