ystudio Accessories

ystudio Accessories

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Made by ystudio who design objects for daily use. ystudio believes that the value of simplicity in design is very important. Each piece is made in Taiwan by local factories using scorching heat of one thousand degrees in the furnace, and characterised by the masters’ hands with decades of experience.

Available are the following accessories

Paper Weight: cut from solid brass, this heavy and simple cone shaped weight allows you to keep your documents or paper in place on your desk (48 x 48 x 9mm).

Pencil Lead Box: this hexagonal, brass pencil lead box is used to store the leads for your mechanical pencil, helping to prevent breakage (16 x 16 x 88mm).

Magnet Set: made from brass and copper, these powerful magnets can fix any papers or notes to your fridge or steel cabinet (10 x 10 x 13mm).

Ruler: a simple and functional object transformed into something desirable. The black coating covering the brass makes this ruler stand out from other office accessories (1 x 20 x 160mm).

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