Tomoe River Writing Pads A5 and A4

Tomoe River Writing Pads A5 and A4

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Made by Tomoegawa Paper Company who for the past 100 years have been manufacturing papers in Japan for applications in industry, science and printing.

Their highly researched Tomoe River paper is best known for how well it works with fountain pens: no bleeding, no feathering, just beautifully crisp lines and a smooth writing experience.

Delicate, exquisite and fountain pen reliable, Tomoe River paper adds that something special to all handwritten correspondence. This pad contains easily removable sheets, held together by a top-glued tablet. The first page is a sheet of blotter paper, which you can use to place in between pages as they dry.

Acid-free, pH neutral.

Available in white and cream and A5 and A4 sizes.

100 removable sheets, 52gsm.

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