Traveler's Company Brass Pens and Pencils

Traveler's Company Brass Pens and Pencils

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Made from 100% brass by the Traveler's Company in Japan.  Traveler's Company is known worldwide for it's quality brass products and it's leather travel diaries. Designed to age beautifully, these Traveler's Company brass products will only get better with time.

The pen and pencil are very clever in design, compact when closed and converting to a regular size when opened and ready to write. The pen comes filled with black ink and has a strong ring of brass at the end to be attached to a key chain or similar, in addition to a clip along the side. The brass pencil holder neatly contains a wood pencil and has an eraser on its top, along with a side clip.

Choose between brass and lacquered white.

Refills for both pen and pencil available.

L 9.7cm closed L 14cm opened x D 1.1cm

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