Kyo No Oto Bottled Fountain Pen Ink

Kyo No Oto Bottled Fountain Pen Ink


Kyo no oto fountain pen inks are made in Kyoto Japan and are hand-crafted according to traditional Japanese dyeing techniques. The Kyo no oto colours have been used since the Heian era, roughly 1000 years ago, and are an expression of its rich history and profound culture.

The water-based Kyo no oto fountain pen ink comes in 5 different colours.

No.1 Nureba-iro has been used for the name that represents a woman’s glossy black hair just like feathers of a crow.

No.2 Imayou-iro is a safflower red colour which gained attention in Heian era. It is what Japanese ancestors called ‘modern color’. It was preferred by women.

No.3 Koke-iro was inspired by one of the Japanese aesthetics ‘Wabisabi’. It is located in the garden of Kyoto with the glimpse of culture of Kyoto.

No.4 Yamabuki-iro is the plant rosaceae kerria genus. This color has been used since ancient times.

No.5 Aonibi is the moon floating in the dark sky, the Kyoto city with silent moonlight. Aonibi is the combination between pale black and indigo. It represents dignified atmosphere in the deep pale night sky.

40ml bottles.

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