Kyo-Iro Bottled Fountain Pen Ink

Kyo-Iro Bottled Fountain Pen Ink


Kyo-iro fountain pen inks are made in Kyoto Japan. They are hand-crafted according to traditional Japanese dyeing techniques. The Kyo-iro inks are inspired by famous and fascinating places in Kyoto which are the expression of it's rich history and profound culture.

The water-based Kyo-iro ink comes in 5 different colours.

No.1 Stone Road of Gion: Gion is the city where you can meet aesthetics that have been inherited by Japanese ancestors. There are Kyoto-style house lined up, the flow of the river, stone roads and sometimes you can see 'Maiko-san', apprentice geisha. This is completely Japan itself.

No.2 Soft Snow of Ohara: the winter of Kyoto and the return of silence after finishing autumn season. You can feel the sacred atmosphere if you fold your hands in front of 'Amitabha' standing in cedar groves whilst snow is falling.

No.3 Flaming Red of Fushimi: ‘Fushimi-Inari’ is the head quarter of ‘Oinari-San’ that exists in 3000 places across Japan. It’s been widely worshiped with people’s deep devotion as a god of harvest, prosperity, safety and fulfilment of dreams.

No.4 Moonlight of Higashiyama: Higashiyama is a city filled with tradition, creation, culture and comfort. Many scenic spots and famous places, along with Kyoto-style houses 'Machiya'.

No.5 Cherry Blossom of Keage: coming in to the spring season, breathtaking landscapes with cherry blossom fills everything around 'Keage' particularly the most popular white blossom 'Somei-Yoshino'. There is no doubt it is remarkable just like falling stars on the railway.

40ml bottles.

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