J. Herbin Encre Pigmented Inks

J. Herbin Encre Pigmented Inks


J. Herbin inks were first formulated in 1670 and, to this day, the superb ingredients and methods have been maintained.  Today, their fabulous colours and long lasting pigments ensure J. Herbin continues to be the foremost choice of ink for calligraphy writers and fountain pen users around the world.

This range of metallic pigmented inks are not for fountain pens, they're best suited to wide dip nibs or brushes. Rich, striking colours, these inks can be used with either dark or light coloured paper, but look particularly stunning on dark paper.

These metallic inks need to be shaken thoroughly before use because they contain actual metallic pigments.

Choose between the colours Argent (silver), Or (gold), Cuivre (copper) and Blanche (white)

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