Coliro Pearlcolor Sets

Coliro Pearlcolor Sets


Finetec GmbH in Germany has been producing high quality Pearlcolors since 2005. Pearlcolors can be dissolved with water and applied with a brush. They are perfect for creating special effects and highlights, and are also ideally suited for calligraphy. For the perfect colour result it is recommended to put a few drops of water on the colour pan and allowing it to sit for a few minutes before use.

Available in five different colour sets of 6:

Gold & Silver - Tibet Gold, Inka Gold, Arabic Gold, Gold Pearl, Moon Gold & Sterling Silver

Vintage - Tibet Gold, Moon Gold, Bronze, Rose Gold, Rose & Pink

Earth - Tibet Gold, Bronze, Golden Orange, Red Brown, Red & Chocolate

Ocean - Blue Pearl, Green Pearl, Blue Silver, Blue Green, Moss Green & Midnight Blue

Silk - Silver Pearl, Moon Gold, Bronze, Rose Gold, Mint & Silver Grey

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