Palomino Volumes by Blackwing

Palomino Volumes by Blackwing

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The Palomino Blackwing was launched by California Republic Stationers in October 2010 as a modern version of the iconic Eberhard-Faber Blackwing pencil that was favoured by artists such as Stephen Sondheim and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Available in packs of 12 are the following graphite formulations in fabulous special editions:

Vol. 1 - The 1970s outlaw country movement that paved the way for what many now refer to as Americana music had many influences. Perhaps none were more important than legendary raconteur Guy Clark, whose debut album “Old No. 1” is regarded as one of the most influential ever made. Blackwing’s first round pencil features a matte grey washcoat finish that lets the wood grain show through, a “blue collar” eraser, and a balanced graphite formulation perfect for songwriting.

Vol. 16.2 - This set is a tribute to mathematician, writer and visionary Ada Lovelace. The pencil features a matte white finish, grey imprint, white eraser and matte black ferrule inspired by the simple styling of early personal computers. It features a firm graphite formulation which is ideal for both writing and mathematics. The number 16.2 is a nod to the Analytical Engine’s storage capacity of 16.2 kB and the backside of each pencil bears a binary pattern stamp of Ada’s initials AAL, the same initials she used to sign her work.

Vol. 10001 - This set honors innovative math educator Tetsuya Miyamoto, as well as all creative ways of teaching and learning. Miyamoto Sensai invented the KenKen® puzzle in 2004 as a way to inspire his students to apply mathematics, problem solving, and logic in creative ways. Its name is a palindrome in both Arabic numerals and Kanji, and also references one of Miyamoto Sensei's favorite equations. The pencil features a red stained barrel that allows the grain of the wood to show through, a gold imprint, gold ferrule, black eraser and a firm graphite formulation. Each box also comes with KenKen® puzzles for you to solve.

Vol. 4 - In 2020, NASA will send a rover to Mars to search for evidence of ancient Martian life while testing technologies for future human expeditions, and this set is a tribute to Mars and the upcoming rover mission. It features a rust coloured lacquer and a sand textured finish inspired by the surface of the fourth planet. It also features the first ever dune bronze ferrule, a cream imprint and eraser, and a soft graphite formulation.

Vol. 33 1/3 - The Blackwing 33 1/3 is a tribute to vinyl records. Just as the way we engage with pencils and notebooks is different from the way we interact with keyboards and touch screens, the way we engage with records is different from the way we interact with digital music. The pencils in this set feature a balanced graphite formulation, along with a matte black finish and matte black ferrule to go with its black imprint and black eraser. The gloss black foil banding near the grip was inspired by the grooves on a record. 

Vol. 811 - The Blackwing 811 is a tribute to libraries and the hope they represent. It features a firm graphite formulation, along with an emerald gradient finish and gold ferrule inspired by the iconic green lamps that light the halls of libraries around the world. Each pencil is coated with a special phosphorescent topcoat, so it can be a literal light in the dark. The model number 811 is a reference to the American poetry section of the Dewey Decimal System that contains the works of countless inspirational writers.

Made in Japan with FSC-certified cedarwood, Palomino Blackwing pencils are amazingly smooth and beautiful.

Measures 20.5cm long, 0.75cm barrel diameter

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